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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  February 28, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

6:30 pm one day after an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit chile, the search for survivors continues. the numbers have been updated and they are grand. more than 700 people are believed to have died. rescuers reach more remote areas. >> this is what is left of the building in concepcion where piles of rubble trapped 100 people. rescuers are desperately working to help people. chalets' president announced that the quake has killed at least 700 people. that is a death toll that is expected to rise. >> the scale of the disaster is huge. the latest figure i have is 780 data. >> they also appealed for international help in what they consider it a catastrophe of the
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unthinkable tragedy. police had to use tear gas and water cannons to clear this crowd appeared >> we do not have anything. i have a baby and i do not have any bread or anything. it is a necessity. we need to do this. we do not have water -- anything. >> residents were left without shelter and they made their own on city streets. the effects of the quake have been felt across the pacific region. there was less damage in other places compared to what deile has to deal with in the coming months -- what chile has to deal with in the coming months. >> tonight, baltimore police are working to find the missing teenager, th.
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police said that johnson was discovered missing at 11:00 p.m. last night. if you have any information on where she might be, you have to call baltimore city police. police in howard county are looking for the man who assaulted and robbed a cabdriver in colombia. the victim picked up his haiaffr last night. -- his fare last night. the cabdriver was cut on the hand and the robber got away. >> as president obama went in for his yearly checkup today, his administration worked behind the scenes to help with the health care plan. the democrats say that starting all over again is just code for
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killing the program altogether. >> on early morning medical checkup and in bill of good health for president obama. this week, he is unveiling in. -- and dealing anda last-ditch plan republicans say that americans want congress to start over. >> so this is really the democratic majority and, in an arrogant way, saying that we are smarter than you are, americans. >> democrats can win this race by using a controversial maneuver. >> the bill can be bipartisan, even though the votes may not be bipartisan, because they have made their imprint on this. >> before the democrats can go it alone, they have to convince members of their own party to
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risk the wrath of voters in this election year. >> it was a fairly nice day today. it is a little on the breezy side. we are still dealing with the remnants of this big coastal storm. it is now pulling away, but the last of the snow is over the area. the most significant ones are out to the west. there are a couple of flurries and some sprinkles moving into virginia. we will take a respite from a threat of snow for a day or so this week before the next storm comes in. that is coming up in just a few minutes. >> an athlete's death, the weather that did not want to
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cooperate, and an incredible show of skill by team usa -- the winter games have been nothing short of amazing. it has been quite a couple of weeks in vancouver. >> drama, check. crazy weather, double check. amazing feats on the slopes and the track, check, check, check. the winter olympics are drawing to a close. >> we came around a corner and i saw it. i thought it was a really wonderful thing. >> it was a reminder that the olympiads started with a shocker. one a libyan crushed and died on the olympic l -- one olympian crashed and died on the olympics luge track. then hannah kearney and shannon bahrke got the gold and bronze in mobilguls.
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and the canadian fans were proud of everything. it was hard to see what mother nature was a fan of. >> with this injury, it will be more difficult. >> lindsey vonn went from saying that a hurt shin would keeper out to winning a number of gold s. evan lysacek picked up a goal, the first four u.s. men since 1988. the host nations "on the podium" campaign to add the got turned down an the u.s. hold in the mills, including sports like to the nordic combined where the u.s. has never been a contender.
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it is about crossing off a line item on the but the list for this woman. >> now all the olympic text question. so far, more than half of the viewers have responded, 51% said that they cannot wait to catch up on sleep. keep on texting. we will keep on updating you. answers will be on 11:00 p.m. news tonight after the olympics.
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>> regular trash pickup will resume in baltimore city starting on tuesday. you are reminded that the trash must be placed in cans with tight-fitting lids and recyclables may be placed in any container, but they must be labeled "recycle." also, a new city ordinance goes into effect tomorrow. as of march 1, baltimore city
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officials will require carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in any home, hotel, or any building used for living or sleeping. since the year 2000, more than 25 people have died in baltimore city from carbon monoxide poisoning. more red light cameras in the state of maryland start tomorrow. >> 1 storm is moving out of the picture. there is another storm waiting in the wings. we have that coming up. there are a couple of sprinkles and flurries in the area. but it is quite and breezy. but it is quite and breezy.
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>> heads up for all of you who drive through carroll county. in westminster, police are expected to activate the cameras -- but the big red light cameras. -- police are expected to
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activate red light cameras. after the 14th, you will get a $75 citation in the mail. you'll get a fine, however, no points will be issued. >> this is just to show you the last gasp of that coastal storm. the storm has moved way out to sea. the last of the snow showers and a couple of sprinkles are pushing through the area now. the more significant ones that are dusting things that are coming out of pennsylvania and into western maryland. there are only trace amounts of that coming in here. this activity will diminish this evening it will quiet down for awhile. today, we made it into the 40's. normally, 48 degrees would be high.
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our lows overnight were above the freezing point. we have had a trace of precipitation in a few areas, but nothing official in the official buckets at the airport. here is that storm of spinning off shore. it stalled for several days over portions of new england. it is finally rapidly pulling off to the east. shall the remnants of the storm are just passing through the area right now. once this goes through, it will be a little weather disturbance. that will be the end of the snow activity. look at what is out here. there is another storm, following the same pattern as all of these other, dipping down toward the gulf of mexico and eventually coming up the coast to the carolinas. then we'll have to wait to see
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if it goes out to sea or up the coast. in the meantime, this area of high pressure will be moving into the mississippi valley. that will give us a pretty nice day. tomorrow, it will be once again in the 40's. we will call it partly cloudy skies. for boaters, there will be a small enough breeze to offer a craft advisory. let's take a look at the future- cast. we're still looking at a sprenkle or a flurry as this comes out of the picture. although, on monday, we still see the upslope snow is. on tuesday, we see this next storm coming in from the south with its intended moisture. by wednesday morning, a
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rain/snow combination -- we will be right on the line. it does not look like it will be a lot of precipitation. that will be down to the south. most of what we see will be on the snowy side. from baltimore southport, it will be a wintry mix of precipitation -- from baltimore southward, it will be wintry mix of precipitation. we just got done with a great hockey team can >> -- hockey team. >> that
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enjoyed of this kind of buzz about hockey in 30 years. a bunch of american adults are still putting canada to the test in vancouver. the goalie endured a barrage. patrick marlow beat ryan miller. it was 2-0 canada in the game. patrick kane takes the shot which was rejected by kessler. tickets look at this again. -- take a look at this again. there is a little tip and in been very nice. in the third period, [unintelligible] oh, my great goodness.
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is that over time? yes. it was fun like that. the script was written for said the kid -- a course to be the kid. it has been a grade -- the script was written for sydney the kid. it has been a great tournament. we have shattered our previous record. canada earned the most gold medals. brian roberts will not play. the former all-star took batting practice. the most glaring squad, bad base running, cleaning up the mistakes takes priorities. during the worst maryland winter
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since the i eight -- the ice age, john hopkins has the schedule in figure returned it is good thing that the blue jays [unintelligible] the saints put up a nice flight. this one was unassisted. it is 2-1/. from behind the net, of very nice. the keeper gets the shot off and it hits the pipe. however, there was a penalty. he quickly catches a break. great pass, sharp scored -- great pass, shot scored -- no. johns hopkins was victorious.
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manhattan and loyal and are getting together in baltimore. that is something they will do again this week. they are hoping to see exactly what [unintelligible] great passing, everybody sharing, and julius and brooks is your final recipient. jamal warner is back with the great hand. this is a lovely piece of basketball. then brian rudolph on the loose ball. he is divine from 20 feet 9 inches. loyola ends a four-game losing streak. [unintelligible] he is quickly becoming one of the greatest terps of all time. >> he always seems to be smiling, too. we will be back with john
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>> so you have a 50 degrees on the forecast. >> yes, but it is five days away. >> but there's something there between that. >> i am not at the half-full glass. >> late tuesday into wednesday and thursday, it will probably
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have snow, maybe not a lot. again, it will be a coastal storm. we will have to see how it behaves. >> and a look at the rewards. you may get through that and it will be sunny. >> there will be a lot of sun and nice temperatures. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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